The More You Have…

So when I attended Avila College, now Avila University, in Kansas City Missouri, I had a a Philosophy teacher,  Dr. H Paul LeMaire, who in the class stressed, “The more you have, The more you have, to take care of” I have to admit, I really do not remember many things from college, but that quote from Dr. LeMaire has always stuck with me. Because of that some family, friends, and others call myself, and my like minded beautiful wife, “Minimalists”. Possibly in some ways I am, but if you were to see my kite collection, I would have to politely beg to differ – I have way too many – and yes, I have written about this as well before. But this also could be said about my soccer jersey collection, or my shoes. So with that said, it’s that time of year yet again, that I start thinking about Christmas, and my wife. my daughter, and others are asking me what I would like as gifts…. Then I start looking around, and immediately realize that I have WAY TOO MUCH and I begin to decide I need to get rid of stuff. As we get ready to move to a smaller house, effectively downsizing in Wisconsin, I am again looking hard at my stuff, and am trying to do as much shedding of stuff that I can…. I don’t have a ton of interests – Soccer, Kites, electronics…. but all of those things I have too much. Yes, I am boring, and yes, I really feel the multiple chrome books, tablets, pc’s jerseys etc. are just too much… most people make it just fine with one of each… so I need to find to not have 9 of each. Being asked what I wanted for Christmas this year, I have really absolutely been challenged to find ANYTHING that I want. Jennifer and I are lucky to be in a situation that we really want for nothing, and monetarily, if we do want something, we go buy it. We just plan do not need to wait. We are lucky most people are not this lucky. So this brings me back to those words Dr. LeMaire uttered way back, 31 years ago in 1986 – and they have always stayed with me. Most other things I attended in college possibly did some how, but these words really have always stayed with me. So the next time someone asks you what would you like, maybe think twice. Funny enough, this is though, where the digital age really has made having stuff easier – my books? Digital, on my Kindle app. My music? For the most part, in the cloud, and I only subscribe to google play -much cheaper than buying all the discs. The subscription model in this scenario, works for me.

Baby it’s cold outside

Ivy with her hoodie

Ivy, showing how she is not pleased with having to wear warm clothes again.

So as I warned, I will now start posting more frequently to this space, but with that brings less Kite posts and more rambling posts about everyday life. No Soccer, No Kites, just life. So if you keep up with Jen’s website (Kuhnsfolk.Net) you know that we are moving forward with our plans to relocate to Wisconsin, namely our home in Sturgeon Bay. With Katie in Chicago, and nothing really holding us here in Omaha, and my consulting position allowed to work remotely, we decided to pull the trigger. Let’s get up to Door county, the area we fell in love with 9 years ago, and made our main vacation spot. With that comes the cold of Wisconsin winters, and the snow associated with living on/near Lake Michigan and the Green Bay. I am OK with that. If you know me, you know that I grew up in North East Iowa, and actually really enjoy the snow, and four seasons. Well again, I aside, and say, yes you are probably saying, “Omaha has 4 seasons” and I would respond, – in name only – for the last 3 – 4 years we have only had two – Summer and Winter. So Sturgeon bay, has 4 seasons, a Winter that starts in November, and relents in March, A Spring that lasts till June, and a Summer that actually properly ends in Late August/Early September. That leaves about 8 weeks for the most wonderful season of all, FALL. Fall is my favorite season, dry crisp walks, the color of nature, the downright heavy reminder that yes, everything does come full circle. So you say, well since Sturgeon Bay is a good 4 hours north of Omaha, that it HAS to be colder… But it’s not. Go ahead, look it up – the average temperatures in December/January/February are all higher albeit, not by much that in Omaha, the reason? Because we are a peninsula, and are surrounded by open water. Omaha is surrounded by dirt, – dirt that freezes, and stays frozen, and holds negative  temperatures better than open water. – make sense? Now does it snow more in Sturgeon Bay? As I have to get used to saying, in the best Wisconsin voice I can, “YouBetCha!” But I am OK with that. with that comes snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and other fun items.

So with all of this said, what the hell does my title have to with my story above? Well it’s early November here in Omaha, and the pups and I woke up to 17 degrees this morning. Yes, Fahrenheit. Not Celsius. So poor Ivy as you can see, is back to wearing her sweatshirts/sweaters/coats to help her stay warm. Why? Because we only have two seasons here in Omaha, Summer that ended a week ago, and Winter that seemed to start the next day. leaving little to my favorite season, Fall.

I will miss Omaha I am sure at times, I have spent 35 of my 52 years in this town, which makes it easy to call home. However, without family here, I am good moving on. Well, that’s my first rambling post that no one will read but makes me feel better that is not kite orientated. Like it? Let me know that you read it, and I may even post another. 🙂 Jeff