And the world just keeps on turning…

I am not sure if this title is exactly appropriate for this post,  but I am just not sure what to say. Since my last post the world definitely has taken a change. It has made everyone re-examine themselves, their actions, and their interactions. As a white person, even growing up, lower middle class, I have never ever known the trials, challenges, or even dangers of a black man in our country, or world. Memorial day 2020 will never be forgotten I hope, so that everyone remembers that was a day, that things finally changed. I am scared that once again, the establishment, will only give lip service, as they have always done, and then just walk away. I am sure they will try, but it then becomes very important that EVERYONE does not allow this to happen. The fight this time for #BlackLivesMatter I hope continues to gain steam, and spotlight, as well as recognition for how far in life we still need to come.

People need to know that over the next days, months, and years if the movement can continue, there will need to be some very hard conversations, I call them, “Difficult”. These conversations need to happen, at first where myself, and all other people of the white race, must close their mouth, and open their ears, and hearts to honestly listen and hear EXACTLY how others have felt, are feeling, and how they need help in no longer experiencing these things. “Sorry” will not cut it, money will not solve it, but actions will be required. By everyone. But again, I re-emphasize that the conversation MUST be one-way at first, all people of privilege must shut up, listen, begin to understand, and finally empathize. Once this occurs, I feel THEN the conversation can begin. Again, NOT with people of privilege dominating the conversation, but instead, only interacting, and getting a full understanding of what they can honestly, and actually do to help. These conversations should take us all out of our comfort zones, ALL OF US. So we can start once more, on possibly equal footing to build from scratch.

Our nation, contrary to what most people know, is a “Republic” not a “Democracy” we seem to only assist and install Democracies world wide, but will never change our Republic, because it is too safe to those in power. While over the next few months, there will be much focus on the national political race for president, there will be so many more races that will need everyone’s attention. These are races at the local and state level. These levels are where most change has to first occur; The President, contrary to the current sitting official’s mind set, does not control the Police, or local laws. This is all done at the local level, and these are the most overlooked political races every year. People need to understand, these are incredibly important to make a change in this world, and this is where the change needs to start. Because of this, the most powerful tool that all of us have, is the power of the poll. People need to start now, to get; 1) Registered to vote, if you are not. 2) Verify that you are registered voter at least 60 days ahead. 3) If you are either fearful of where the corona virus will be in November, or are not sure you can get to the polls due to work, then you MUST look into an absentee ballot as soon as possible.

Make your vote count this year, understand that your vote DOES matter, your vote DOES count, your voice will only be heard if you do. As well, collectively, things can then start to change. This is the way to battle the issues that have been seen in Milwaukee earlier this year, and Georgia this week. Standing out in the rain/snow/sun for hours only causes people to feel helpless, and add the fear of Covid, suppression is still a very real possibility. Again, all of this can be avoided if everyone plans ahead this year.

OK, I am off my soap box, and if you read this, you know how to get a hold of me. I wish you the best America, because you are going to need it to get through what challenges face us all over the next few years.

Be fair, Be kind, most of all, Be Human.