Martin Lester’s Diver

So this Wednesday, I was supposed to leave for Italy, for a kite festival with my friends in Gubbio. Obviously this is not happening. Yes, I am bummed, but I get why this needs to happen. I also feel for the people of Italy, China, Spain, France, and yes, us in the United States. This situation is unprecedented in my almost 53 years of life, but it definitely is not the end of days. Which brings me to my rant, and since you chose to come to my little site, you are now stuck reading it.

The United States is a highly transitory society, one where we are able to traverse hundreds of miles in hours by air. The problem – I think we are incredibly lined up for this virus to reach every corner of our country, more so than China, and Europe. Because of this, I am not sure there is a way to hide from exposure, and we need to be responsible in the face of a major outbreak. Yes, this virus is serious, yes, it is dangerous, and yes, our citizens need to be vigilant, BUT PEOPLE QUIT BUYING UP EVERY TOILET PAPER ROLL YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON!!! What is wrong with people, I tell my wife this is such a classic case of FOMO (Fear of Missing out) if I have ever seen it. When I walk into the grocery store and see people with their carts literally filled with these sanitary rolls, I just at first laughed at the stupidity, but now I am getting mad at the absolute hysteria. My concern? Those in our society that cannot afford to buy multiple mega rolls, and in fact, are struggling just to buy their food and sundries weekly. When you walk through the stores, and see panic buyers have bought up every food item on shelves, you just honestly wonder what will happen to this food? I guarantee these people will NEVER eat the 50 lb. bag of potatoes they just bought on Friday before it spoils.

My prediction:

  1. There will be the biggest waste / spoilage of food ever in this country coming in the next 4-6 weeks
  2. Stores that just experienced the biggest days of sales ever in the last week, will experience the biggest “return” rate of Toilet Paper, Disinfectant Spray, and Disinfectant Wipes in the next 4 weeks. My thought: don’t let them be returned. If people were stupid enough to buy it all up, and not allow others to have any, then they are stuck with it.
  3. While other countries will wait out the situation with relative optimism, the United States Citizens will decide that when our government finally decides to have us nationally, “Self Quarantine” there will be tons of people that will decide that the rules don’t apply to them, and will not follow directions.

We will see if these happen, and I hope I am completely wrong, however, I do not have much faith right now in what will occur.

I hope my next post shows I was completely wrong. Stay safe if you are reading this, stay healthy, but most of all, stay sane.

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