A Pop Up Kite Fly For Fun

So a couple of weeks ago, Omaha experienced an early autumn snowfall on a Sunday – Eh, Fall in the midwest, right? Well , yes, BUT it caused our local kite club to cancel their annual Fall One Sky, One World kite fly. Due to this, we decided at the last minute, that the following Sunday, we would go out and just have a fun time flying impromptu at our default field, over at Immanuel field, off of 72nd and Sorenson parkway. It is immediately in front of a hospital (Immanuel Hospital) and the day was 65 degrees, sunny and nice winds. Needless to say, we got after it, and put on a very nice show. The hospital was incredibly happy as well as the care center next to it. Since it had been quite a while since we had flown there, it seemed we almost caused some accidents on the road, as people slowed,  or even stopped and stared… Needless to say, it was a great time, Jen and I took the pups – it was their first kite fly- and they had fun. The amount of “Than You’s” we received, and sincere appreciation from folks was unbelievable. THIS is the reason I like to fly, and I hope that over the next year, I get out to do it more often. No rules, no time constraints, no “Required” flying, etc. It was fun to take a bunch of kites, and just plain fly. Interesting enough Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, our soon to be new home, really does not have good places to fly, however, there are beaches within 20 minutes of home, and I plan to take advantage of these areas, to use sand anchors, and have fun! Life is too short not to enjoy a fly or two, whether planned or, Pop Up!