New Surprises Coming

20140607_102424_Android 3So coming into the new year, I have decided to change up my inventory a bit. Gone is the Air Guitar (Long Live the Air Guitar) and coming soon will be a new inflatable. While I will not reveal it until I have it in my possession, rest assured it is on its way, and I will post pictures. I am beginning to like flying smaller single line kites, and stunt kites almost better than the big show kites. While Show kites will never go out of my inventory, I think you will find I will be flying the smaller stuff more. I love working with the folks at Prism Kites – they produce and sell probably the best engineered kites in the industry, whether single line, or stunt. Not only that, they are not temperamental artists that think the world revolves around them, instead, they make the world go round! Any of their stock can be ordered from Picture Pretty Kites, or bought from your local retailer.


Flying Italian

So I had the opportunity to go back over to France for a weekend, to go flying. I had the chance to hang out with my friends from Gubbio Italy, as well, and get a chance to “Fly” Italian! First off, the Italians have an incredible ability to create some very favorable characters, that are not copies, or nock offs, and they are fantastic. One of their most recent is the BoneFish. This creation looks like a Fish Head and skeleton, in cartoon depiction, and they make them in any color you can imagine. They fly all by themselves, but for the festival and tight quarters, they were always on a pilot. I learned a lot from my Italian friends, mainly that yes, you can fly very high, and make a much steadier pilot. Well, to be exact, over 2.5 spools, and over 800+ feet in the air. While I was a bit shocked by this, (I normally only fly at 300 ft.) I told my friend Moreno, “In America, if you fly over 500 feet, you have to have a license on the object, so I only fly at 300 feet.” he looked at me and said, “Yes, in Italy, we cannot fly over 100 meters as well, or you get in trouble” I took by the unsaid smile, and twinkle in his eye, that hey, we were in France, and anything went, since we did not know the laws, so to speak. So of course, I asked the dumb question, “What is the length in France?”  the response I received with a devilish smile and a school boy giggle was, “I am sure its the same in France”. This pretty much summarized my trip, a lot of fun, and a lot of mischief, however, nothing that would get us in much trouble.

I learned that getting up at 8 AM did not mean you would be to the flying field by 9:45, but you would make it before 10:00. I also learned that while we may have gotten to the field “On Time” the Italian ability to find room to fly was no problem. The easy going weekend, always found us sharing pilots, or sharing line, or at times, combining line, to go very high to get stable winds on the beach. A great lesson in cooperation. An even better lesson in friendship as well. If you take a look at the pictures page, you will find many new pictures up from this festival in Martigues, France. It was a small town outside of Marseille, and was very near the airport. Which made getting to and fro my flights very easy. I left Omaha o Wednesday afternoon, and returned the following Monday afternoon, as one of my co-workers said, I took a long weekend to Europe.  That long weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered. I was able to enjoy a great time, with good weather the entire weekend. I enjoy flying in Europe, but for that matter, I also enjoy flying in the USA as well. It was just interesting to think that there were flyers there from Italy, France, Turkey, Tunisia, Malaysia, India and Brazil. Its not often you get an opportunity to be able to enjoy such a situation, and have great food, as well as wonderful friendship that knows no international boundaries.  More on that maybe later this week.

If you look at the picture to the left, you will notice blue sky, but if you look really close, yes, Virginia, there is a kite way up there. Probably illegally, and I am sure an Italian and an American broke all kinds of international laws that day considering air space, however, on that day, for those hours, we really did not care 🙂 Have a great day. – Jeff

Great Weekend for Flying

Prism E3 Stunt Kite and HQ FloForm 7.0 Foil

Over the weekend, I had the chance to fly at two festivals at once.. The club had two events on Sunday, both the Bellevue Earth day event and our clubs annual spring fly at Papillion. Both events were well attended, and I also met a great photographer, who took a few pictures of my kites, and then ended up over at the other festival, and got more pictures of the clubs kites. Her blog can be found at pausesandclicks Julanne Kowalski is her name, and she is quite a talented photographer. Take a look at her blog, I know from looking at it, I am now subscribed, and really enjoying her talents. I am hoping to possibly invite her out on a regular basis to our events, as my pictures pale in comparison to her talent. 🙂 The LaVista Kite fly is this weekend, and the weather outlook looks great so I look for another great event. It’s been nice to have out many different kites, that have not flown for quite a while. I think it has been over 2 years since the HQ Flo Form has made it out of my basement, and probably over a year since the 252 has seen the light of day. I am trying to rotate my kites, and make sure all kites get out and flown. Also, I really have been enjoying flying my stunt kites quite a bit. I wish I had more talent to do more tricks, but in all honesty, just flying them seems liberating. Flying them make time pass way too fast. I am adding a few pictures from Julanne to the picture gallery, take a look and see what you think. Also take a look over at The Midwest Winds club site as well, to see more of her talent!

Added Pictures From Clear Lake Iowa’s Color the Wind Feb. 21, 2015

The Air Guitar with other kites in Clear Lake Iowa, Color the Wind festival.

While it was a bit cold, the wind could not have been better this year for Clear Lake Iowa’s Color the Wind Kite Festival. Larry and Kay Day always put on a great show, and it is always a great day to take in the sights and sounds of Kite fliers from all over the midwest. This festival always draws a very large crowd, and Larry never disappoints. There will be quite a few festivals coming up i the near future, so look for quite a few new pictures and posts coming soon. Who knows where we will be this year.

Winter is here, and I really need to think about Flying

Custom Quantum Pro and others

Custom Quantum Pro and others

I really have not done a lot of winter stunt kite flying ever, but this year, I think I will plan to try and get out and do more. One thing I also am thinking, is shrinking my inventory even more. While I have paired down my single lined show kites, I really need to think about doing the same with my Stunt kites. I have a ton of them I just plain and simple do not fly any more. I mainly only fly the prism stuff any more, why? because it just plain and simple flies. Even their cheap kites fly like expensive ones, They have balance, dexterity, and you really can feel the kite in the line. I really lately have began to want to fly more stunts. I am not sure why, but I really have been missing the flying on two lines, having fun, and really always changing how I fly.

2014 – Done flying for the year

La Vista Nebraska, October 12, 2014 One Sky, One World festival.

La Vista Nebraska, October 12, 2014 One Sky, One World festival.

So 2014’s flying season draws to a close. It was a good year, flying in a blizzard, flying in the rain in Italy, the First fly in an Omaha park in a very long time, and tolerable weather for all of the flys. I had fun, at all events. It was fun to make new friends, see old friends and enjoying the time with everyone. Yesterday, I had a great time with my friend Todd. I did not put the large show kites up, instead, I flew stunt kites, 2 line or 4 line kites that you can control the speed, direction and balance of to make it do acrobatic things in the sky. It was good to spend time with my friend, and it was also fun to let other club members be the main draw of the festival. Sometimes, it is just fun to blend into the crowd, be part of the scene, not steal the scene. In 2015, Jen and I are going to mix things up a little bit. We are going to at least 2 new festivals, and not attending a couple of our regulars, we are also hoping for a big surprise very close here in Omaha, but that is for another post. People say, variety is the spice of life, and I guess, in 2015 we will find out if that is true. This winter, I have some  pieces to fix, and I might actually try my hand at making something, but we will see, I have not decided if I will or not yet. Yesterday was cold, but the wind was good, flying stunt kites was a refreshing break from the normal routine for me, so I am very glad I did it. Here’s to a great 2014, and I really hope an incredible 2015.

Last Festival of the fall season

The Fish Flies again While the fall flying season has really come and gone quickly, I am always surprised how fast the time goes for our planned kite festival attendance. While Papillion was a good fly, something I realized was that I never hardly fly my stunt kites enough at these festivals any longer. While we are invited to certain festivals and are expected with these invitations to fly the big show kites, I have decided to use this local fly this weekend to pretty much just fly my stunt kites. We have 3 show kite pilots in the club, which in all honesty is a large amount of show kite flyers in any large club, let alone our small club. So since I can take advantage of both Aaron and Don flying the big stuff, I am going to take advantage of the anonymity of the La Vista fly and fade just flying stunts. I can at times lose 2,3,4 hours at a time with ear buds and a stunt kite. The Mega fish will be at this festival, Aaron wants to pair it up with his, and I plan to get out possibly my low maintenance 252, just to contribute, but the guitar, and Fish bol will have a break this time. They will be back in the future, but I think the break will be fun.

I have to say in the short 12 years or so I have been flying at festivals, this is the first year ever I remember being able to get in almost EVERY planned flying day in a year. While our dates are always in the spring and fall due to better flying conditions, this also is the time of year we realize rain, and it seems while we plan the best we can, rain seems to always affect about 50% of all festivals we get to. Really, for me,  Italy was the only fly with absolute adverse weather. Clear Lake was an experience flying in the blizzard, but hey, there was good wind!

Time to have some fun this Sunday, and hopefully Jen will get some great pictures of my collection of stunt kites in the air.

Jackson Minnesota was great flying!

Jackson Kite FlySo in the past years, I would give it maybe a 50% chance we would have events either rained out in the fall or conditions not suitable to flying. This year has been different, from the Blizzard in Clear Lake this year (Still had great straight winds) to the winds in Italy, as well as All but one fly this spring being great weather, this fall flying has started off great. From the Lewis and Clark finale fly in August, (12 mph winds) to last weekend in Jackson, Minnesota, we have a had a great start to the fall flying season.


Kites through the Bol I am hoping the upcoming local flys Ditmar’s orchard this weekend, to Papillion and LaVista are also as good as what Jackson was, (10 – 15 mph, good steady winds all day) Speaking of Jackson, this has been a great little festival that continues to grow each year. It has been a pleasure to watch Chrystal Dunker continue to grow this each year of the 12 she has been keeping this going and expanding I feel I can remember when maybe 6 of us would show up at the Jackson airport to fly, to know I believe I counted over 15 big kite flyers participated last weekend. I appreciate those who are willing to grow festivals such as this, as it only helps the public better see what our hobby is all about.

Fall Flying Season starting up

Lobster!It’s that time of year, that the winds begin to pick up, and the fall flying season starts. While we are missing the 24th annual kite fly at Callaway, Nebraska, there are many other fly’s coming up that we will be a part of. There is always some place we can fly, always some place to relax, and always someone who enjoys the show. Last weekend at Youngman Park, the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation (Twitter: @OmahaPRPP )were more than accommodating to let us fly for the finale celebration of the Lewis and Clark Kites display that was all over the metro for the last 3 months. It was a great chance to get to fly for the city of Omaha, and we are genuinely hoping the city continues to grow this past just a one off celebration. It was amazing to see everyone that came out for this, whether it was for fishing, yoga, rock climbing, or Kites, I believe the entire public had a great time. Keeping this moving forward would be great. While it is fun to travel to many other places to fly, there is something to that saying, “There’s no place like home” and being able to sleep in your own bed at the end of the day really adds to the attractiveness of this.