Could there be positives from all of this?

Prism Snapshot 1.9 flying over the Roman Theater in Gubbio, Italy

So my last post, probably read by one person (Thanks Cousin, I appreciate the support!) 🙂 Was a bit dark or possibly just plain boring, as it felt like I was just getting a ton of crap off of my worried chest. Well, I can tell you, I am forcing myself to try and look at the positives possibly coming from all of this.

We seem to be having clearer skies, streams, lakes and seas due to the lack of people. We seem to be seeing that possibly war/military aggression/skirmishes have subsided quite a bit (Until our friends in Iran decided to have some fun and poke the bear). We seem to have more people realizing just how good possibly they have it, and we have many people that are going above and beyond to try and help others who have been negatively affected by this pandemic.

We all are giving up things, as we get through this time, sports, movies, dining out, shopping, amid many other things right now.  I wonder if this will have a positive outcome, that people understand we do not need to be such a consumerist society, that was started up in the 80’s and only fueled over the years by more and more, “Stuff”.

I know my family has been luck not to have a negative affect from the pandemic, including my daughter – who was a bit worried. But she has been able to rest easy, and see now, that possibly she will get through this, by the help of others, and direction by her principal and school president.

Will this make us all possibly relax a bit more, be willing to be a bit more patient with each other? Be a bit more understanding of each other?  Be more tolerant, and appreciative of all humanity, since we all have spent at least 30 days surrounded by close family constantly.

Will this possibly cause us all to better appreciate that check out person at Target, that waiter or waitress at one of our favorite restaurants, what about the mail person, who was willing to come in to work daily – never really knowing if they could contract the virus, just by delivering your mail at first, same with the UPS driver, and the FedEx person. How about all of these factories we are hearing about willing to retool, and create PPE sanitizing apparatus, or ventilators, or even masks and gowns etc. for our medical personnel?

You probably are reading this, and are saying, what about the doctors and nurses? You know what, I wanted to put these super heroes all to themselves. Sure you can say, they were just doing their job, but that is NOT the case. These people yes, chose to help you get well, healed, or recover, but they NEVER planned to go into work day after day, after day, for 12 – 16 hours everyday, putting their own health at risk, just to try and help people that could and ultimately would infect many of them. Just think about that, the next time you decide there are no Friday bagels at your work, and get pissed off. A damn circle of boiled and baked bread really just doesn’t matter.

And what about all of the other super heroes? Public transit workers – Pilots, airline workers, taxi/uber/lyft drivers, still willing to get people from place to place because they NEEDED to get to these places (Like a hospital). How about food processing plant workers – possibly FORCED to still work, even when they KNEW conditions were not good. How about TV personnel, radio personnel, and others willing to keep working, so you could have some sort of a semblance of normal. And yes I again left out another group of super heroes.

Grocery Store workers! These are people again, that, when they took their job, NEVER thought, hey, I am going to have to stock absolutely EMPTY shelves, because people are going crazy and buy 50 lb. bags of potatoes, 15 packages of toilet paper, and oh yes, 30 lbs of meat. Never mind the folks that ate more at restaurants, than at home, who now also had to shop, and get food staples. All of this had put a strain on our system, and these folks have no choice but to help you, when you ask to find beef broth, and choose not to wear a mask, or observe a 6 foot barrier. These folks deserve our thanks, appreciation and respect when this is all over. These folks continued to help all of us, literally putting their own life at risk.

OK, well all I can say is, if you are someone other than my cousin, (Really I do appreciate you reading this!) and you are in any of these areas, or many dozens of the other professions willing to stay open while all of this was going on, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. While there has been many bad things to observe during this pandemic, there really has been much more positive items to focus on!

Until I begin to bore you again with kite pictures, thank you for reading.

Stay healthy!