Will be coming soon

So as the  fall  continues  get  started, I look forward additional flying. However, this fall will also be spent doing much more. We are in the middle of a major home renovation in Sturgeon Bay, at what will become our permanent home soon. To say it is a bit unnerving, or troubling, is not an accurate description. I would call it a commitment to the next chapter in Jennifer and my lives. We will be closer to Katie in Chicago, we will be able to basically enjoy, “Stay-cations” much more, and we will be able to enjoy the natural beauty that Door County, Wisconsin provides. We will miss our kite friends of Omaha, but we will become official members of the Wisconsin Kiters club. We are looking forward to getting to fly all over the state, which will include beaches, as well as fields, festivals as well as normal fly’s. Probably what I look forward to the most, is the ability to attend some of these events, and still get to sleep in my bed at the end of the day. While it is enjoyable to travel and stay other places, it’s even more enjoyable at the end of the day to climb into my own bed. Yes, I am getting old. I know that, and quite frankly, I embrace it. But as I watch friends struggle with big kites as they get older, I look to begin to shed the show kites, and move only to stunts, and smaller single line pieces. My friends at Prism kites, have always taken care of me, and I really enjoy their products. As I have said before, I am not getting out of flying the big stuff yet. I will be going back over to Italy this spring, and look forward to flying with my friends in Gubbio. As well, you will notice me begin to post here more, but you will see it turn into more of a general blog. Yes, I will continue to go on and on about kite flying, but expect me to start posting more about life in general. I want to turn this into more of a general blog, as well as a place to share photo’s of our adventures, so expect to start seeing more pictures of other things, not just kites. Enjoy the fall, if you get a chance to catch a festival, whether in Omaha, or Wisconsin, or other places in the world. Go, enjoy the sky, and have fun. – Jeff