Finally Winter gives

Martin Lester’s Diver

Well, it has been a very long, cold winter. I hope this does not make way for a long hot summer. Floods in Omaha, snow still sticking around in Wisconsin, and I am getting itchy to actually be out flying. Big kites? I am not sure? Stunt kites? definitely. It brings me to a thought, as I grow older, is bigger no longer better? Sure, Charlie and my other big kites are fun, but there is just something about getting out a sport kite, and just losing an hour to flying. While its not the draw or attraction of show kites, I am beginning to withdraw in myself and take solace in possibly just flying solo. I look forward to our eventual migration to Sturgeon Bay and Door county, Wisconsin, (Watch soon, I am going to probably buy I also am looking forward to flying with the Wisconsin kiters – a group that loves to have fun, in all 4 seasons. This is definitely no slight to Midwest winds, I will miss my friends in that group as well.  But as we get ready over the next few years to make the migration north, I will look forward to a change of scenery, but one thing that I will need to find…. a new flat field to fly in. Up in Sturgeon bay, there is not much flat open land. I will find something, somewhere close, I am sure of that. I look forward next year to flying in Italy, and possibly other countries in the near future. One thing that is definite about life is the age old adage, when one door closes, another opens. That’s all for now if you actually read my ramblings, you know its been quite a while since I have posted, so this may never see the light of day, or the eyeballs of others. I have said this over the years, but I plan to post more this year.