Last Festival of the fall season

The Fish Flies again While the fall flying season has really come and gone quickly, I am always surprised how fast the time goes for our planned kite festival attendance. While Papillion was a good fly, something I realized was that I never hardly fly my stunt kites enough at these festivals any longer. While we are invited to certain festivals and are expected with these invitations to fly the big show kites, I have decided to use this local fly this weekend to pretty much just fly my stunt kites. We have 3 show kite pilots in the club, which in all honesty is a large amount of show kite flyers in any large club, let alone our small club. So since I can take advantage of both Aaron and Don flying the big stuff, I am going to take advantage of the anonymity of the La Vista fly and fade just flying stunts. I can at times lose 2,3,4 hours at a time with ear buds and a stunt kite. The Mega fish will be at this festival, Aaron wants to pair it up with his, and I plan to get out possibly my low maintenance 252, just to contribute, but the guitar, and Fish bol will have a break this time. They will be back in the future, but I think the break will be fun.

I have to say in the short 12 years or so I have been flying at festivals, this is the first year ever I remember being able to get in almost EVERY planned flying day in a year. While our dates are always in the spring and fall due to better flying conditions, this also is the time of year we realize rain, and it seems while we plan the best we can, rain seems to always affect about 50% of all festivals we get to. Really, for me,  Italy was the only fly with absolute adverse weather. Clear Lake was an experience flying in the blizzard, but hey, there was good wind!

Time to have some fun this Sunday, and hopefully Jen will get some great pictures of my collection of stunt kites in the air.

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