Long. Cold. Winter.

Jeff at the Clear Lake Festival, on thin Ice.. or not..With the doldrums of winter 2016 upon us, its hard for me to get excited about outdoor activity. But its coming – probably one of the busiest local fly schedules I have ever had. Due to this, and some other factors, I am looking to eliminate all regional flying. Its nothing against all the great regional festivals, but when I first started this I had exactly 2 times a year to fly locally in an organized matter. Since then, we have expanded this fly schedule to have 12 flying dates, in and around the Omaha Metro area. This number of flys really does take up a lot of our spring and fall weekends, and leaves us less time to get other things done in life. Adding 4-8 regional flies into the mix literally leaves me no time to enjoy other things in life during these time periods. So, I have decided to limit my flying to local and try it a year to see how things work out. We may change this plan in 2017, but at this time, it looks as if flying regionally is a thing of the past for the Kuhns. Not to forget, I do have a new piece coming this spring, compliments of Peter Lynn Kites – out of New Zealand. While I still will not reveal it yet, feel free to check out their big kites and see if you can figure out exactly what I got. While I may no longer do regional, this will not stop me doing international festivals every so often, and I am hoping to make Frejus this year with my Italian friends at Eolo Gubbio … Time will tell. Out this year is Fano, denmark, but I am hoping in the next couple of years to get that back on the radar. Until my next rant.

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