New kites

So at times, I have promised Jennifer, and probably others, “I am never buying another kite – I have plenty’ …….as any good kiter would tell you, FAT CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING… so yes, I bought a few more kites, these are kites that are outside of my replacement for selling Charlie. That will be announced at a later time. I am just not sure when. It is being hand crafted, and will then need to make it’s way across the Atlantic from Europe. It will be a one off, with none like it in all of the United States.

While I am looking forward to it arriving, I did start a quest looking for a few additional fish kites created by Juergen Ebbinghaus. I currently have the Mega fish in a print called ‘Cool Orbit’ – that kite is over 45 feet long, and about 6 foot tall, and 7 – 8 foot wide. I also have what I have always referred to as the, ‘Peace Fish’ that is not mega, but instead, it is considered only ‘Giant’ it is only 23 foot long, and 3-4 foot tall by 4-5 foot wide at most. I continue to try and pare my collection down to things I can easily fly myself, and only by myself, as both Jennifer and I get older, it is important to be able to fly things that are completely in your control, and not dependent on others helping you to get it down. This was the reason we decided to sell Charlie, and why I choose to also sell off other pieces – to make sure as I continue to get older, I can fly them on my own. These fish easily allow me to control them in any wind range, plus are a spectator favorite over the years. The manufacturer stopped making the 23 foot size a few years back, like maybe 15, so it has been very difficult to find any of these for sale anywhere.

I decided to yet again, this spring, to start looking for the kites, to add to my manageable collection, and only a few days ago, I found some.

Another Peace fish, and then 2 fish in a, ‘Wavy Gradient’ pattern – these are not cheap, so when I found them – I looked to see the seller, and to my surprise, they were listed for sale by an Omaha kite shop that was part of my old club, in Omaha. It was not Picture Pretty Kites, but another merchant in Omaha.

When I reached out, to make sure they really were available, JoAnn confirmed for me that they were, so I was excited to pick up 3 more of these kites – which will give me a fantastic alternative, on certain days, on pieces to fly. I was appreciative that I could find one, let alone 3 more, and brand new.   I doubt that will ever happen again in my lifetime, or at least kite flying lifetime, but it definitely made me excited and happy.

Spring is just around the corner, and I look forward to getting out and flying, whether on my own, or at an event. Right now, our Wisconsin club does not have many spring events scheduled but I am hoping to see that change soon.