New Surprises Coming

20140607_102424_Android 3So coming into the new year, I have decided to change up my inventory a bit. Gone is the Air Guitar (Long Live the Air Guitar) and coming soon will be a new inflatable. While I will not reveal it until I have it in my possession, rest assured it is on its way, and I will post pictures. I am beginning to like flying smaller single line kites, and stunt kites almost better than the big show kites. While Show kites will never go out of my inventory, I think you will find I will be flying the smaller stuff more. I love working with the folks at Prism Kites – they produce and sell probably the best engineered kites in the industry, whether single line, or stunt. Not only that, they are not temperamental artists that think the world revolves around them, instead, they make the world go round! Any of their stock can be ordered from Picture Pretty Kites, or bought from your local retailer.


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