Possibly I will get to fly soon?

Cool Orbit Mega Fish in Grad Haven, MI

So if you have followed this irregularly updated blog/picture spot on the web, you would know, that I have chose to both place my views on this site now, as well as post pictures of my hobby. Well, it has been all Jeff’s View for 8 months or so lately – Mainly due to the fact I have not flown, or really had much else to share. Well, that may be coming to an end – Jen and I plan to fly Labor day weekend, in Two Rivers, Wi as long as the kite fly is still on. It has been moved from the lake shore this year, due to the fact that the high lake level has claimed most of the beach. Due to this, it has been moved to Two River’s high school. I also believe this will give the ability to better socially distance on the field, and have the ability keep the public at a safe distance. Am I nervous about going to this? Yes, I won’t lie, but for two days it should give us a nice distraction from the rest of life. I will hopefully have pictures, and it will depend on weather, crowd etc.

Flying will be a good thing, I miss the relaxation of launching a kite, and just watching it catch the wind, dip, soar, and float on the wind currents. This could be just the medicine the doctor ordered. Since I last posted, I dealt with a very bad infection on my ear that spread into my head, and literally I have spent most of this time dealing with this, as well as work and normal life.

Speaking of normal life, I have to say, Sturgeon Bay has now dropped into the normal life file. This is good, but very weird feeling.  Normally when we were up here for 2 years, the world stopped, for us to enjoy hiking, biking, and generally other items in our absolute favorite vacation spot. Moving here changed that, and I have to admit, – getting used to that has been a challenge at times. Mainly because, day to day chores now occur, whether I like them to or not. Mowing the lawn, organizing the garage, tending the yard, etc. These are things that all took place in Omaha up until March of this year. Sure Jen and I would take care of things up here – occasionally, but we had a lawn service that mowed. We would quickly try to clean up the yard, but hey – we can do that when we move up here permanently. Well, that day came – and yes, I don’t mind the work, my back may tell you differently, but I am just trying to adapt to the change in venue along with the change in chores.

I am looking to this fall for the possibility of doing more flying, but as College Athletics have shown, lets just see how far events such as these make it.  Until the next post – Jeff