The Winter of (Dis)Content?

Jeff at the Clear Lake Festival, on thin Ice.. or not..

On thin Ice

So here it is, December 4th, and Winter is supposed to be upon us.  Here in Omaha it will be 60 this morning, and temps will be falling all day. Finally possibly Winter is heading our way. I did not take advantage of the warm weather and get out to fly, but I did get downstairs and start to separate out Kites, Laundry etc. The reason? Time to start paring down my collection. Why? Am I getting out of kiting? No. But as this flying year went past me, I realized many many pieces that I own, were not getting flown. And as the famous “Toy Story 3” movie emphasized, toys were not made to be collected, they were made to be played with. Kites? Were they made to be collected? No. They were made by the artists, creators and other to be flown. So I have started, and probably am not completely done, paring down my collection, so that these kites get flown, not just collected in my basement! So what the hell with the title? Well, basically, it would seem that by my paring down, one would assume I am no longer happy with flying, and no longer wanting to fly, thus discontent. It is exactly the opposite, I want to fly more, and I want to make sure kites get flown, so I am paring down, and selling parts of my collection, to insure that this spring, summer and fall of 2018, I will see them up in the air! Do I still have a few pieces left, that are sentimental or items I cannot part with? Yep, you bethcha! I can’t just part with everything, but I am parting with items that just are gathering dust, and others will be excited to fly and enjoy in the air! With the Kiting industry going through a change, and the hobby possibly reducing in size, I want to make sure that what I do have gets flown, so that it is easy for me to enjoy what I do have, and enjoy what I can fly, not just a few pieces with the rest just seeing the inside of dark bags, because I can only fly so much!

So what I am saying is this, in this world of more is better, or he who has the most, wins, I am checking out. I am beginning to see the light of the subscription to the quality matters, and less can actually be more than more. I will still have plenty to fly! I will still have plenty to show off, and enjoy all year in the sky, in fact, probably still too much, and who knows, next winter could be yet another winter of (Dis)Content.  Enjoy the holiday season with your family if you are reading this, enjoy the time you get with family, enjoy your life, whether you fly kites or not. I know 2018 will have one goal in my plans, and that is to enjoy life more for what it is, not what it could be. You don’t see much around you when all you do is look forward. And I do believe “Forward” is only 25% of life.

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