You may have noticed a change

Prism E3 Stunt Kite and HQ FloForm 7.0 Foil

Or, you may not have. If you actually come to my web site, you probably reach it by well, then it seems to redirect, to Yes, it is correct, while not happening immediately, Jen and I will be relocating up to Door County, Wisconsin, and I wanted to get the URL sooner than later. now don’t get me wrong, I really DOUBT there is a big push for the URL since there is no longer a kite shop up here any longer. I just wish I would have been able to change jobs 5 years ago, and then, I just may have owned a kite shop in Door County. Anyway, my thought was, since this is where we will ultimately end up, it probably made sense to change URL’s and merge with – for our kite club. I think at times, people default the .com instead of noticing it is .org so with that in mind, I will be eventually moving the URL over to point to the Omaha Kite club so that they have both URL’s and I just have my small URL no one pays attention to anyway 🙂 As winter finally relents, I really hope to get to flying more soon, as the weather has really held things back this year.

I am really looking forward to relocating to Door county, while kite flying probably is still not the best due to all the trees, getting lost in the woods with our pups is probably one of my favorite things to do, and as well, the Wisconsin Kiters stay very busy up in the state, so I believe I will have many opportunities to fly going forward. While this is a very small post, and for the most part, not Kite related, at least I posted in less than 6 months!


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